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Understanding the Universe’s Secret of Loyalty

King's Crown

Loyalty is a jewel on the crown of a king. It makes it glitter more and increases its beauty abundantly. Loyalty is the act of showing strong support for someone or something. It is upholding your values for the sake of a person or institution and being ready to pay the ultimate price for their sake. The military is one institution that values loyalty. Soldiers are loyal to their country to the point of death. Nothing compromises their patriotism for the country. Loyalty is a deliberate choice that you make for the sake of someone or something you value.  

The universe values loyalty so much. It demands your undivided loyalty to its values and commitment to your destiny. The universe has given everybody a different calling from each other. One is called to serve, another to teach, research, or lead. All the different callings come from the same father – the universe.

It is a test of your loyalty to him by committing yourself to follow your calling. There is no superior calling to the other. They complement each other to serve humanity and make the world a better place. The most successful people in the world are those who have been loyal to their calling throughout their lives. They have overcome all the challenges in their way and have a testimony of victory. 

vines and branches

The vine and the branches. 

The universe is the vine and you are the branch. Your loyalty to commit to your life’s mission is like water to the vine. The branch gets its nutrients from the vine. The branches beget twigs from where leaves and fruits grow. As a branch, you will flourish as long as you are loyal to the vine. You will produce beautiful flowers and sweet fruits. People will love you and sit under your shade. Children will swing on your branches and eat your fruits. This is the beauty of loyalty to the universe. 

There is a lot at stake when this loyalty can no longer be maintained. The vine will not be watered and the leaves of your branch will start withering. Your flowers will fall off before they mature and you will not produce fruits anymore. The universe is keen on your loyalty to it despite the prevailing seasons. There is no justification to turn off the loyalty switch. Your loyalty should survive all the seasons throughout the year. Brave the temptations of betraying or abandoning your calling for whatever reason. You must fulfill your destiny because this is your chosen path. 

This is how you can be faithful to your calling and maintain loyalty to the universe: 

Do not change your mind mid-way. 

There could be a million reasons for you to switch your loyalty but the universe forbids it. Follow through with your commitment to the end. Loyalty is measured by the sacrifices you make for the sake of your choice. The universe appreciates your commitment and shall reward you at the right time. Doesn’t even creation teach us through birds about commitment? A mother bird will leave its nestlings in their nest to go look for food for them. She is loyal to her young ones and nothing is more important than them at the moment. She is also loyal to their growth because they are her responsibility. 

Appreciate nature’s creation. 

The whole creation is beautiful. The beautiful mountains, valleys, oceans, vegetation, and wildlife are a sight to behold. All of nature’s creation is loyal to survival. They adapt differently to see the next season while alive. A loyal servant of the universe appreciates this diversity and the complexity of nature. It is not easy for the different species of animals, birds, and fish to survive together through different seasons. It is an achievement you should be proud of. The secret of loyalty is to be proud of the place you come from. You just earned a bonus! 

Defend your faith. 

Would soldiers fiercely defend their countries if they were not patriotic? Patriotism is loyalty to the country. Learn to protect your faith wherever you are. Speak about the goodness of the universe everywhere you go. You defend your faith through constant declarations of victory so that you are not branded a loser because you are not one. Your loyalty to the universe is seen in how you defend your faith. Leave a legacy that your love for the universe was undivided. This is the loyalty of a child to his/her family – that you speak highly and favorably about your kinsmen. 

nature's support

Network with nature’s support system. 

Nature’s support system, of which you are a part, has spread everywhere. Teammates cooperate on a lot of issues because they understand their broader agenda is the same. Loyal children of the universe work like teammates do. We are all in the same team and you should network with other loyalists in the universe. They are like bridges to take you from one side to another. Take a closer look at the life of ants. They help each other carry bread crumbs and food leftovers to their kingdom. Their loyalty to their colonies binds them and they network to do duties more efficiently. The secret of loyalty in networking is that it boosts your growth. 

Give credit where it is due

There are a lot of achievements made by your predecessors whose contributions cannot be written off even in their absence. The universe wants you to acknowledge them as you seek to write your legacy. Your loyalty to the universe is measured through the humility to recognize the work of others and your commitment to your life’s mission. Constantly appraise the commitment of your colleagues. The universe will pay you back by using them as tools to lift you. Loyalty has no pride. You humbly choose to remain on the path you chose for yourself.  

It is important to understand the universe’s secret of loyalty. It will open your eyes to the impact of spiritual and physical loyalty and what it means for you. You are now ready to take your place on the chessboard of life.

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