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Undertaking the Detoxification of Your Spirit

Spiritual detoxification is a treatment intended to remove poisonous substances from your spirit. It is healthy to undertake it regularly for the sake of your spirit. For one, it saves on a lot of things and prepares you for what lies ahead in your journey of spiritual redemption. Spiritual detoxification is like deworming. It gets rid of parasitic worms in your body. These worms are dangerous to your health if they are not expelled from your body. This is the reason that doctors recommend regular deworming, at least once every three months.

Detoxification of your spirit is what deworming is to your body. Your body will be healthier and your spirit likewise after both deworming and detoxification respectively. Like any type of treatment, your consent is required to perform either of them on you. Not only does it indicate a willingness to get treatment but also acceptance to have the doctor treat you.  

When was the last time you dewormed? It is time to make an appointment with your doctor that is long overdue. 

Have you ever done spiritual detoxification? It is also time to try it out. 

Now that it is no longer in question that you need spiritual detoxification, you need to let the universe take over from here. This is the universe’s guide to detoxification: 

1. Forgive and forget. 

This is one of the most difficult steps for anyone to take. To forgive is one thing and to forget is another one. Doing both of them is heroic. The universe wants to fill your spirit with love. It’s a lot of it such that it will overpower even the smallest shred of unforgiveness in you. You do not forgive other people because you are doing them a favor but because you are doing yourself one. The longer you resent and hold a grudge against them, the more hurtful it is going to be for you. Bitterness is like food to worms in your body. It gives them the energy to reproduce and cause more damage than they have already.

Detoxify your spirit by forgiving all the hurt that anyone has ever caused you and putting it behind you. Forget all of it because it is not as important as healing your spirit. Your spirit shall heal and move past keeping a record of wrongs. It is not important to make others feel bad for what they did to you. What is important is not giving them any power over you by thinking about them. 

2. Get rid of painful memories. 

Everyone has painful memories of things that were said or done against them by people they considered friends. It could be that you sacrificed everything for them but they still stabbed you in the back. This has hindered you from doing the same thing to others because of the painful memory of how your ‘friends’ paid you back. The universe wants you to put all of it behind you and start a new chapter. Painful memories are toxic to your spirit because they are a breeding ground for revenge. Detoxification destroys anything that could nurse or breed toxicity. Replace painful memories with beautiful ones. Go out with your family and friends and have a good time. Toxicity in your spirit brought by painful memories will gradually be washed away from your life.  

3. Face your fears instead of burying them. 

FEAR could either be ‘Forget everything and run’ or ‘Face everything and rise’. The universe wants you to choose the latter. The easiest thing to do could be to ignore your fears because you do not wish to awaken sleeping dogs. However, detoxifying your spirit means awakening these sleeping dogs and making peace with them. Burying your fears is like giving a sleeping pill to worms in your body.

They will be inactive for a few hours but wake up and make your health worse than before. Facing your fears is deworming yourself and expelling worms from your body. It is a permanent way to restore your health. What you should do next is improve your hygiene – wash your hands after visiting the toilet, wash raw vegetables and fruits thoroughly, and drink clean purified water. Similarly, after facing your fears, you have to maintain spiritual hygiene to keep off toxicity.  

4. Audit your spiritual ties. 

Spiritual ties are important relationships that your spirit has with other spirits in the universe. They are not flings or a passing cloud but covenants that involve both your futures. Some spiritual ties are very beneficial while others put a gun on your head. Auditing your spiritual ties means going through all of them to choose which ones to keep and which to end. Get rid of toxic spiritual ties that connect you to stained people. They will infect your spirit, bring down your productivity, and affect your relationship with the universe. When you let such people go, you also get rid of their toxicity. This is your chance to live toxic-free.  

5. Take ‘vitamin’ supplements for your spirit. 

Supplements are substances taken orally to correct deficiencies in the diet. They can be prescribed by a doctor or taken over the counter. The body has various requirements to function optimally. Sometimes we fall short of them and this is where supplements come in. They answer the needs of the body. There comes a time when your spirit also needs supplements for the same reasons. You have the duty of identifying the specific requirements of the spirit and supplying it with them. These spiritual supplements will get rid of any toxicity within your spirit and improve your spiritual health.

Some of these supplements are generosity, peace, and love. The more you take them, the faster your spirit will be detoxified. Practice generosity instead of waiting for someone else to, spread love even when you are not asked to, and maintain peace wherever you go. Every toxicity in your life will be flashed out by the spiritual supplements that you take. 

Undertaking the detoxification of your spirit is necessary. Treat your spirit as well as, if not better, than your body.

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