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The Universe’s Guide to Vetting People in your Life


There are many people whom the universe has brought into your life, each of them with a specific mission. The collective missions of these people shape the divine purpose of the universe in your life. Some people are destined to teach you the value of friendship, how to cope with disappointments, how to overcome fear, how to become resilient, the value of prayer, the importance of being appreciative, and so many other lessons. There are people whose mission is to upgrade your spirit to a better version and others to test your faith in the universe. It is important to understand all types of people and how to walk with them in this New Year. Whom do you keep and whom will you end your friendship with?

Consider the example of how interviews are conducted. Candidates apply for a position after it is declared vacant. All of them believe that they meet the minimum qualifications for the job (even when some do not). They believe that they are worthy to compete with everybody else who has applied for the job. The panel of interviewers review their applications and come up with a list of shortlisted candidates. This is the first step towards vetting the candidates.


Similarly, this is how the universe vets people in your life. There are those whom it will shortlist to continue being your friends in this New Year and some of them (including your favorites) could be dropped. The insight of the universe in vetting people in your life is wise and not clouded by emotions of who has been with you longer or who laughs with you a lot. Should you abide by it, you will maintain friendships with the best candidates and start a new one with other shortlisted ones too.

It is important to know the highlights that the universe uses to vet people in your life. These are some of them:

1. Shared faith.

After shortlisting potential friends that you can walk with into the New Year, the universe goes ahead to sieve them further. The next criterion is your shared faith. As a principle, two people cannot walk on the same road unless they agree. They could have the same destination but each prefers to use a different route and none of them is ready to compromise. This is not a perfect match for a friend.

The universe wants to pair you up with someone who shares and practices the same faith as you. There is a lot that you can do together because you have agreed to walk on the same road and are heading to the same place. You will go far when you walk with people with whom you agree to walk on the same road and not brought together by circumstances.

2. Spiritual values.

Different people have different spiritual values. They are part of your spirit and influence a lot the type of person that you will become. One who believes in the power of forgiveness and another who believes in revenge are examples of people with separate spiritual values. Their approach towards reconciliation is a deal breaker because none of them can convince the other that their way is the best one.


The universe wants to pair you with someone who shares the same values as you to reduce the potential of future friction between the two of you. Spiritual values are the constitution of your spirit. This constitution rules the life of friends. Conflicts can be easily solved because you have an agreed-upon mediator – spiritual values.

3. Spiritual destiny.

This is the path that each of you is appointed to by the universe. Some people are destined to be part of your life in one way or the other. You may not know it at first and try to shake them off. Either of you has the same fate and the success or failure of one person automatically affects that of the other one. The universe will keep such people in your life and open your eyes to your interdependence on each other.

Throughout nature, interdependence is between people who share the same spiritual destiny. Their success rate is higher because they put their heads and spirits together to tackle common challenges. This is where the universe declares that two heads are better than one.

4. The nature of influence.

Good influence is a factor that the universe considers when vetting people in your life. It will lead you to stick with those people who influence you to do the right thing because they are your light in the universe. There is a scientific experience to test the influence of light on plants. A plant in a dark room will automatically grow and bend towards light in a process called phototropism.


Similarly, your spirit will be affiliated with people who influence you positively. The universe understands its importance in your life and ensures that it sticks with you to show you the way toward the light. As you consider friends to maintain in this New Year, prioritize your consideration of their influence over you.

5. Attitude towards correction.

Correction is owning up to your mistakes. It is an important part of learning. Those who accept it know that they do not know everything and are willing to make necessary amendments. This is a good attitude. The universe wants to maintain this kind of people.

Those who shun correction and stick to what they already know as the gospel truth will not give you room to grow. Your growth to become the kind of person that you want can be achieved majorly by accepting correction. Teach your spirit to value people with more experience than yourself and trust them to guide you through life. They are appointed angels in your life. Keep them at all costs.

The universe’s guide to vetting people in your life will unlock a lot of things to enter your life. This is the beginning of your prosperity.



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