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Unleashing the Secret Power in Your Eyes


Your eyes could as well be the most important sensory organ because it not only has a physical significance but also a spiritual one. So powerful is the spiritual relevance of the eyes that even the blind community sometimes experiences visual dreams. The power of the eyes is not limited to those who see only. Children, who are yet to fully understand the world around them, also have visual dreams. The power of the human eye is yet to be fully realized by all groups of people who still use it only as a sensory organ.  

Did you know? 

To further bring to your attention the significance of the eye, check this out: 

If one of our eyes were a digital camera, it would have 576 megapixels! 

One of the world’s best camera has 61 megapixels yet the human eye has 576! This means that the eye is more than 9 times more powerful than the best camera. This just shows how much significance the universe has attached to your twin eyes.  

The eyes have the fastest muscles in your whole body! 

The muscles in the eye enable you to quickly look from side to side. Most of the movements of the eye are involuntary.  The human eye can see between 30 and 60 frames per second. This further attaches to the importance of sight. 

eye is well protected

The eye is well protected.  

Perhaps because of its great significance, the eye is one of the most protected body organs. You involuntary close your eyes when they are in danger. Your body automatically responds to any danger facing the eye. The eyebrows protect sweat from reaching the eye, eyelashes protect the eye from dirt, and tears wash the eyes. Your whole body coordinates to keep the eye safe. 

Owls cannot move their eyes. 

The reason why owls cannot move their eyes is because they do not have eyeballs. Instead, they can turn their heads up to an angle of 180 degrees. Human beings are among the few who have five parts of the eye – cornea, pupil, iris, lens, and retina. You are a special creation.  

We have eyes because the universe too has them. 

The idea that we should have eyes originated from the universe. Our creation is a mirror of the perfection that is in the universe. The universe watches the whole world keenly and does not miss anything. This is the reason we also have eyes – that they may serve us with sight. 

Can your eyes be further useful? 

Like our creator, we are supposed to use our eyes for sight and to recognize danger ahead as well as familiar faces. However, as you continue to discover your spirituality, you will find an even greater use for your eyes. There is a lot that lies in the spiritual realm. It is beyond the physical uses as we know them. The eye can be further useful in the following ways: 

To provide vision beyond sight. 

It could be normal for you to see buildings, cars, people, the sky, oceans, and many other things. But the universe wants you to see beyond these material things and into their spirituality. The eye is the gate of vision. Your vision for the future is conceived through the eyes.

For example, who do you see in your spouse? He/she is not an ordinary man/woman or only the father/mother of your children. Spiritually, they offer beyond co-parenting. They are carriers of your vision, the enablers of your success, and your companion into the future. Your vision of your spouse is very significant in the universe because you have the power to mold them to be whom you would like.

It is not limited to your spouse but also to other people in your life too. You can build a future with them or cut them off completely. The power is in your eyes. 

To initiate rescue instead of a warning

Your eyes could spot an oncoming danger but who has the responsibility of rescuing you from it? The answer is still your eyes. It is only that you are yet to explore this function. Your eyes can rescue you from danger by spotting a safer place than where you are currently. Your spiritual eyes see through the fake decorations on the outside that paint a safe situation when in reality it is not. Be on the lookout for a safer space instead of only recognizing danger. Your eyes can be more useful this way. 

To aid you in decision-making. 

Apart from your eyes identifying people who are threats to your life, nature has tasked them with the responsibility of aiding you to make decisions in your life. Sight gives you the clarity to decide whether or not you will adopt or abandon a matter. The weight of your judgments lies in the eye. The universe wants you to not only look but watch everything unfolding in your life. These events are consequential in determining the direction of your life. Child, open your eyes wide when making any decision. You will see all the traps on your way.  


To open the window of your soul. 

The eye is the window to your spirit. A good eye is a window to allow nature’s fresh air into your spirit. It will aerate your life with comfort and peace. On the other hand, eyes that are not well taken care of are a ticking time bomb. If you are not careful, it will go off one day. Desire enters your spirit through the eyes. If you do not see something, you are not likely to desire to have it. This is why your spirit is safe when you take good care of your eyes. You are not supposed to look at everything. You can ignore things that will impurify your spirit. It is like putting up secure doors and windows in your house. Thieves cannot break in easily. 

The universe has placed all power in your eyes. You can control your entire life when you finally have control of your eyes. Child, take charge!

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