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Walking in the Footsteps of Nature


There are uncountable benefits of walking in the footsteps of a great person. To begin with, everybody on their way knows them and gives way as he approaches. He is not a stranger on the road that he helped to clear. He is like a firefighter, ambulance, or the president’s motorcade that has the right of way over other road users.

Nature is an ancient mentor with a wide experience of everything under the sun. It has seen the good and bad days and is now in charge of the universe’s calendar. Nothing skips its attention – from the defenseless animals in the wild, vulnerable groups of people, novices in professions, the depressed, to those who have already despaired.

Nature sees all of them and can blow fresh air over their lives.

The gift of nature.

The universe accommodates different groups of people but it is Nature that can walk them out of the woods. You could be helpless, lost, and nobody is in sight but nature is right next to you. You can only receive help if you can see him. Open your eyes to see beyond the trees and insects in the woods. Instead, see the life in this place; who it is that gives life to the trees and insects that you see. If nature is concerned about the lives of trees that can be cut down the next day, how much more is he concerned about your life? Your life is precious and it does not matter the hole that you fell into, nature will take you out of it. He will put you back on track to continue winning.

gift of nature

There are two things that a lost person lacks – confidence and courage. You wouldn’t know whether to go to the right or left. You are afraid that any step you take will take you further from the right path. Nature restores these two things to you.

You can regain your confidence by holding his hand. This is a reassurance that you are not alone in the challenges that you are going through. Together with your companion here, you can find your way out.

You can find courage by walking in the footsteps of your experienced guide. He knows the place you are lost in so well and will easily take you out of there. He can remove the nightmare of unfulfilled dreams, failing health, and lost purpose from your life. All these can be a thing of the past if you choose to walk in his footsteps.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Regardless of where you are going, even if it is to the end of the world, your journey there begins when you make the first step. It is the decision that you want to go on this journey. You choose to ignore the voices of discouragement. Walking in the footsteps of nature begins when you decide to do so.

You are like a baby learning how to walk and an adult has to guide them through. This is how you can walk in the footsteps of nature:

  1.     Stand alone.

This is the first achievement of a baby when he learns to walk. He holds onto something and then stands independently without falling. He is excited to be able to stand alone for the first time in his life and his parents share his joy.

You need to learn how to stand alone first even as you aim to walk in nature’s footsteps. Standing alone means spiritual independence. You can pray in faith to the universe about your concerns and invite him into your life.

  1.     Hold your guide’s hand.

A child standing alone will begin walking while holding onto objects. He stops where there is no support because of the fear of falling. The parent holds the baby’s hand and leads him away from the objects so that he can walk with him in small aided steps.

You need to hold nature’s hand even after learning how to pray alone. It will encourage you not to be afraid of falling because you have the support of your superior. This is your safe space.

  1.     Walk while looking ahead.

This is the best part that a child learns how to walk. He imitates what the parent does – walking while not looking at his legs. Unlike before when the baby looked at his small legs as he walked, he now looks ahead as he walks. He can see any obstacle in his way and walk away from it while still holding his parent’s hand.


After you are aware of your spirituality this far, the universe is encouraging you not to look down at your feet. Look ahead and walk away from traps on your path. You are no longer ignorant and can see one from a distance.

  1.     Try walking alone.

At some point, a child will outgrow the support of the parent to learn how to walk. He will want to walk alone and rejoice in his progress. He can now stand up and walk without holding onto objects or his parent’s hand. The baby is encouraged to walk a few steps alone and the parent can measure his progress.

You are now perfectly learning how to walk in the footsteps of the universe. You have realized your spiritual identity and your place in the universe. Do not be afraid to try out new things. Your success is in the many things you will attempt in life.

  1.  Stand up when you fall and resume walking.

A child may accidentally fall and start crying because he is hurt either physically or from the setback by the fall. The parent does not leave the child on the ground. He picks him up, dusts him off, and encourages him to continue walking. Falling and standing up is part of walking in nature’s footsteps.

The universe wants you to know that failure is not final. It is a new way of learning how not to do something. Do not despair when you get a setback. Stand up, wipe your tears, smile, and resume walking. Your breakthrough is around the corner.

Walking in nature’s footsteps is the best way to learn and discover your spirituality. Walk beside your teacher step by step and you will reach your destination.

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