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Wearing the Coat of Money, Power and Influence

money and wealth

Money, power, and influence are the biggest drivers of wealth. The definition of wealth is not limited to money alone. It includes the power to maintain it and the influence to attract it. A powerful person is the one who has all of them. This is what everybody is fighting to have and the universe is aware of it. He is encouraging you not to settle for less; it is possible to have all of them if you choose the right way to look for them.

The principle of the universe is that whoever looks closely enough will find their desire, whoever knocks persistent enough will be granted access, and whoever asks convincingly enough will get a positive answer. Money shows up to those who search for it keenly, power is granted to those who are persistent, and influence to those who ask tirelessly. The coat of money, power, and influence is a triple gift to you.

A case study on money, power, and influence.

Are we the first people to pursue the triple gifts from the universe? History is complete with mighty people; some of them rulers; who stopped at nothing to have this complete set of gifts from the universe. King Solomon, the King of Israel famed for his wisdom and riches, is a center of focus for us. The man had it all – gold and diamonds, immeasurable wealth, power as the ruling King on the land, and influence even in neighboring territories since he had married princesses from there and forged new alliances. His life and reign over Israel is one of the best stories ever. It gives us hope that it is possible to have the coat of money, power, and influence even though all of us may not be Kings or Queens at the same time.

three kings

You could be thinking that you are content with your life as it is. Please note that there is always room for improvement and the universe is giving you a chance to improve on your best. These are some of the reasons why you need the coat of money, power, and influence:

  1. You attract authentic love.

Not everybody will love you unconditionally. There is always a condition attached to their love. Some will love you because you are their family, others because you have a history together, and others because you are in their class (both financially and socially). The coat of money, power, and influence gives people a better reason to love you. Their love for you will be authentic because you will not have to fake your standard. Your life will also be authentic and not need to conform to certain conditions to earn their love. The time to know your true friends is when you have put on the magic coat of the universe.

  1. You have something to offer the world.

What do you bring to the table where you sit? The coat of money, power, and influence gives you the means to provide honorably to your family. It opens you up to options that you did not have before. It is not enough to be content with your provision; go the extra mile to store some more. You receive more when you provide more. Your provision to the table you sit is insurance cover for your bad days and the unpredictable future. Simply put that the coat of money, power, and influence gives you the means, opportunity, and motive to provide more.

  1. You can redefine your limits afresh.

Money, power, and influence authorize you to set new boundaries for yourself. It could be that there are things that you want to do but cannot fulfill because your hands are tied. The solution is to wear the coat of money, power, and influence. You can choose when and how you want to execute your plans and choose the people you would want to help you to fulfill them. Some restrictions are put for a particular class of people and thankfully, you will no longer be in that space.  

  1. You earn the respect of everybody.

Money, power, and influence earn you the respect of people you would have ordinarily not thought of. You consider them highly placed and too qualified to give you their attention. However, they now gladly pay expensively for your attention and not the other way around. The coat of the universe gives you the ability to influence policies that cut across society. Your opinion on different issues will weigh heavily after wearing the coat of money, power, and influence. Furthermore, you will live a respectable life because you have a lot to offer. No more meaningless fights or competition for limited resources because the universe has elevated you.


  1. It protects you from evil.

Money, power, and influence will attract enemies of progress. Some people do not want to see you succeed as much as others want you to. Your contribution to nature makes you precious to the universe. He inherits your enemies and neutralizes them before they harm you. Your impact on society through money, power, and influence cannot be wiped off just like that.

A child somewhere is looking up to you for inspiration, another one is a beneficiary of your generosity, and another is a beneficiary of your influence. The prayers of these people are protection in the spiritual realm. The universe listens to their hearty prayers. This is one more reason why you should wear the coat of money, power, and influence.

Security personnel wear bulletproof gear in their line of duty. It gives them the confidence to enforce law and order even in the middle of chaos. Similarly, the coat of money, power, and influence is a bulletproof vest in the spiritual realm. Your spirit needs this protection to succeed in spiritual missions and to pursue your purpose uninterrupted. It is a double blessing to be blessed on Earth and in the Spirit. Wear the coat to enjoy it. 

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