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What a Trip to the Universe Looks Like

trip and universe

A trip is a planned journey to a place of your choice. It could be for the first, second, or third time. Each trip has its unique experience that adds something new to your life. Memories of your past trips are nostalgic and you may wish to revisit them. They could be the trips you have gone with your friends, family, or workmates many years back. They are still relevant in your life to date. Trips are like footprints in the desert or a swampy place; they are evidence of your presence there.

Nature is offering you a trip to the universe. I bet you are yet to go on this trip and this makes it even more adventurous. A trip to the universe is planned earlier and any other plans are cancelled. It unlocks the answers to all your prayers. You will meet your destiny connectors, soulmate, and business partners when you make your trip to the universe. Now that your interest is spiked, who is eligible for this trip?

Who can go on this trip to the universe?

There is news from nature about this – not everybody is eligible for this trip to the universe. The only qualified people are those whose spirits are willing to take this trip without any reservations whatsoever. Is your spirit ready?

camp and universe

This is what can make you ready for a trip to the universe:

  1. Awareness.

Are you aware that you can make a trip to the universe? This is the primary indication of your preparedness. Nature wants you to know that your spirit is not limited to the physical things here on Earth. There are a million more that you can do if you choose to.

Your spirit is unchained. Your physical achievements are influenced by the abilities of your spirit. Empower yourself to think beyond what you can see. A trip to the universe will be an eye-opener to what is beyond your nose. The time has come for you to take it.

  1. Selflessness.

It takes a lot of courage to go on a trip. Selflessness is when you think of the interests of other people above your own. You go on a trip because it will help support a friend in depression, show camaraderie to a colleague, or spend time with them. The choice to pay for and make a trip for the sake of other people makes you a hero of the universe.

One of the ways to be ready for a trip to the universe is to be selfless. The universe will pick you up from there and the rest will be history.  

  1. Decisiveness.

You may have everything to go for a trip but still not show up for it. Indecisiveness is when you are unable to make up your mind whether or not you want to go on the trip. This is unattractive. You could have a list of reasons for your decision and explain them or you could choose to listen to the feeling of remaining behind. Whatever your decision is, stick to it. Indecisiveness paints you as unstable and non-committed.

You can only go on a trip to the universe when you are committed to it. Your faithfulness to your previous commitments (both past and current) is under investigation.

The purpose of a trip to the universe.

“What is in it for you when you take a trip to the universe? What will it look like? Will I return to my normal life?”

These and so many more questions are buzzing in your head as you weigh your options. This is what this trip will look like:

  1. Educative.

Trips are educative because you go to new places that have foreign cultures and beliefs from your native place. There is a lot that you can learn on your trip to the universe. You will awaken your spirituality and take charge of your life henceforth. It is like being born for the second time.

The power of free will, intuition, and faith are some of the secrets of spirituality that a trip to the universe will reveal to you.

  1. Refreshing.

It is important to take a break from your tedious daily activities. A road trip or a trip to the game park will help you to unwind and refresh your mind. It puts other things in your mind to think about and takes away your fears. It empowers you to speak up against injustices and be a voice of reason where there was none.

universe and us

A trip to the universe is the break you have been long waiting for. It is a break from mark timing at the same spot for a long time. Now is best to go on this trip.

  1. Networking.

You will meet new people on a trip. They are not your usual circle of friends but strangers who know anything about you. This is a chance to network with people who are gifted differently aside from you. You will understand the world from their view and maybe pick up on a few good habits from them. It is impossible to do it alone and nature makes it possible through a trip to the universe.

I bet you already know everyone from your neighborhood. It is about time you see what is in other places when you go on trips.

  1. Strategic.

Trips are strategic. They are part of the bigger plan because they give new insight into the unknown. Trips are carefully planned and the benefits derived from them are weighed against their costs. A comprehensive cost-benefit analysis is the ultimate deciding factor on whether or not the trip will happen.

Have a strategy as you go on the trip to the universe and let it be spiritual nourishment because the universe is best placed to offer it to you.

A trip to the universe does not have a physical bus terminal. It begins from your heart. Listen to your heart and follow through with your calling (because there is surely one). Enjoy your trip, friend!

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