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What is a Karmic Relationship? Signs you are Into One

We have all heard about Twin Flame Relationships and Soulmate connection, one type of relationship that is almost always associated with these two is the KARMIC RELATIONSHIP.

It is often mistaken for a Twin Flame connection, due to intensity and the great deal of ups and downs that it brings along. 

But Karmic Relationships are famously known for their codependency, their heightened levels of anxiety, and ambiguity they bring along.


In order to understand Karmic Relationships, understand the term KARMA.

karmic relationship

It comes from the Sanskrit word, KARMA which basically means your actions, work and deeds. This is not limited or restricted to your actions, behaviour, ie one that can be observed, but also those involuntary ones. 

This includes your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. 

Your Karma includes parts of unlearnt or unfinished lessons from Past Lives.

Think of Karma as a boomerang, you are the owner of the boomerang, no matter how far away you throw, it is bound to come back to you.

Thus the phrase, Karma is a bitch, for it always returns back until you have understood its importance and learnt the lessons in your life.

It is the same way, one can view KARMIC RELATIONSHIPS.

They are relationships that are meant to come into your life so that you can acknowledge your past wounds and fulfill your karmic lessons.




They are usually romantic relationships that seem like fairy tales “LOVE ON FIRST SIGHT” relationships they are filled with DRAMA, garlanded by RED FLAGS, and supported by OBSESSION.

I often use the analogy of the Tarantula Hawk Wasps to define a Karmic Relationship’s initial setoff.

So the Tarantula Hawk Wasp preys on Tarantulas who mean no harm to the wasp, but for the wasp it is a brilliant carrier of their future offspring or a great prey.

So it simply hooks onto the nearest tarantula that is minding its own business and silently injects its venomous sting onto the tarantula.

The reason why this analogy is used, for the way the tarantula after the electrifying sting is paralysed is the same way, one is paralysed after one meets their KARMIC PARTNER.

It’s like your world revolves around them, you are utterly and completely mesmerized by their aura, their personality, they are basically EVERYTHING TO YOU, that too just in a glance.

But usually relationships like these do not last very long, for there is a lot of drama and conflict involved, usually these misunderstandings do not get resolved quickly, yet one finds it difficult to walk away from these relationships, until the karmic lesson is learnt.

So, how does one know if one is in a KARMIC Relationship?


There is an Instant Spark between you two:

Remember the analogy of the wasp and tarantula. In similar ways, your union with your Karmic Partner, would be startling, would be the most intoxicating first meet you’d ever have.

As though you recently discovered your heart could beat faster than your Rolex watch, your stomach could cater not only butterflies but the entire zoo.

You would feel like this is the moment you had been waiting for your entire life. You both connect almost immediately over the most mundane and random topic.

You have just met them, yet it feels like you have known them since ages.

I call it the MAGICAL CONNECTION moment.

Everything about them is PERFECT:

Maybe it’s their ocean blue eyes that speak volume to you, as though they are meant to quench your soul’s karmic thirst even though they are plain blue.

Maybe it’s the way their smile is so intoxicating, even though they have crooked teeth. 

Maybe they are ignoring you, but HEY! they are so busy with their work, they are so career oriented!

Everything about them seems so PERFECT to you.

The more you look at them, the more poetic and mystical you become  and try to mould their wrong doings in your castle of perfection.

This is a classic characteristic of the Karmic Relationship :

You are bound to engage in Confirmatory Bias, ie, you will seek out or pay attention to only those details or aspects about their personality that would tend towards confirming you and your karmic partner are meant to last forever.

A friend of mine reckoned to me, that isnt it similar when we actually fall in love? 

Like every little quirk of our S. O seems perfect to us or awesome?

There is a difference, when you truly love someone, you ACCEPT that they have certain setbacks, certain issues to work on, there are some things they do which you do not like etc.

You accept the person however they are and DO NOT TRY to overlook their wrong doings as some Fairy tale Perfection standards.

This brings me to the next point:

You are obsessed with them:

Often in Karmic Relationships there is a very great possibility that you end up being obsessed with your karmic Mate and NOPE, NOT IN A HEALTHY WAY.

It’s like your day begins with their thoughts, you are constantly thinking about their likes. dislikes, their favourite dish, color. 

You have probably stalked their social media handles, know their best friends, their close mates, their profession, etc.

There is an unhealthy obsession with them, it is unhealthy, for it hinders you from completing your daily task, your work, or even enjoying your life.


karmic relationship

For you would find yourself thinking about the next strategy you’d opt to text them, greet them ,etc. Or try to resolve their issues, for you would assume they are a part of you, thus if they feel sad or shitty you would want to rectify it, even though they would not have asked you for help.


It is a Relationship filled with Ambiguities:


Karmic Relationships are famously known for their ups and downs, mostly downs.

Many unresolved issues would often rise up and there will be many fights, arguments and your worst fears would often be subjected to be a part of the main highlight.

 It would be a never ending cycle, that would have no end point.

You would observe that the minor inconveniences would become major topics for conflicts. It would be as though they are never ready to accept you for who you are, but would want to see you from their glasses.

That no matter how many times you would talk to them or meet, you would feel there is still something that is missing. That they are misunderstanding what you meant to say or that they take offense or take things personally.

Maybe you are a person who is able to communicate their feelings and emotions in a healthy / logical manner but with your karmic partner, communication would be impossible, especially if you would try to create a healthy communication path.

There would also be confusion and  uncertainty with your stand in their lives, are you both just friends? 


More than that? 

Sex buddies? 

There is no clarity.

You find it difficult to get out from this relationship:


The reason why it would be difficult to walk away from these relationships is because there would always be something or the other that would make you come back to them. 

It’s like no matter how much ever they would hurt you, belittle you or your feelings, like a moth to the flame you would be attracted to them again and again.

Well the reason is that until you do not resolve or learn the Karmic Lesson that this relationship is trying to teach you, you will keep getting hurt.

This is what you need to realise, that the reason you would find it difficult to walk away from this relationship is because you tend to cling onto the last hope that maybe they would change, maybe they still love you, etc. All of the maybes would hold you back from healing.

Thus these relationships have a start point but the end point is dependent upon our realization about our own selves and to heal from those unhealed issues.

You would feel that soul mates relationships too are difficult to walk away from but in a soulmate connection, there is mutual respect and mutual agreement for helping both the parties involved to grow and evolve as a more matured or spiritually healthy human being. 

The opposite takes place in Karmic one, you are more likely to poke the others insecurities, or keep pushing their buttons( In a toxic way)



So once you realise that your Karmic relationship is meant to come into your life so that you can fulfill those karmic lessons and also heal from those things that have wounded you, you shall successfully lead your way through the Karmic Relationship.

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