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When is the Right Time to Step Ahead?

step ahead

Is there really the ‘right time’?

To repeat this question more clearly, is there an appointed time to step ahead?

The answer is a big yes. There is always a specific time to do something because it is at this time that you have been favored to do it. You cannot wake up tomorrow and decide to do a project without considering whether or not it is the right time.

Consider the example of a farmer. It is not him who decides on farming activities but the prevailing weather conditions. He cannot prepare his farm for planting after the rains because he is behind schedule. Likewise, we have a reference guide we have to refer to every single time we want to step ahead.

Guess who?

Drum rolls … The Universe!

‘…But situations are always different’

Indeed they are. Different situations determine how we choose to step ahead. We decide whether this is the right time to start my business, build my house, or fulfill my pending wishes according to how different situations present themselves.

Choosing to change your timeline of doing this or that does not mean you have abandoned your initial plan. It only proves you are wise because you have considered all factors at play.

The doors and gates of the universe.

The idea that the universe has doors and gates is amazing. For one, how can you have entrances into a place that has no boundaries? Come to think of it, even stadiums have entrance and exit points. The whole idea is to regulate the traffic of people in and out.

There is an appointed time to go in and watch a football match or whatever sport is going on. If you go in at your own time, you will miss watching the full match.

Similarly, the universe has invisible doors and gates. They are the ones that let you into your appointed time to be glorified, to step back, or to step ahead. These doors can be open or shut depending on what the right time is at the moment.

To know when is the right time to step ahead, your spirit should be attentive to listen to what the universe is saying. Communication with the universe is very important because it informs you about what the next step is going to be. That aside, let me show you how you will know that the doors and gates of the universe have been opened to allow you to step ahead.

  1.  The sun shines brighter.

When you have something in mind and you want to implement it, how would you know that this is the right time to step ahead?

When the doors and gates of the universe are opened, the sun shines unusually brighter on that day. Not too hot to make you uncomfortable, but enough to give you the right confidence that you need.

Nature will boost your confidence at that moment to overcome what lies ahead. The sun shining brighter on you shines a light on your path so that you may step ahead and succeed in what you want to do. This boost in self-confidence that comes naturally is to empower you to step ahead. There is an assurance of success.

  1.  Eerie calmness.

Tudum (in Netflix’s tone)… There is much to tell about the eerie calmness that all of a sudden comes out of nowhere when you are about to step ahead. It is terrifying to know that something is not right when you are just about to step ahead.

This eerie calmness does not mean a noiseless surrounding. It comes from deep within. Your spirit is calm and strangely quiet. You are no longer excited about what you are planning to do. It is not ‘normal dullness’ that you should overlook but rather a signal to step back, not ahead anymore.

Take it that it is not yet the right time to step ahead as you had planned. The generous universe is forbidding you from stepping ahead. Heed to advice.

  1.  The time factor.

It is 7 pm in Singapore but 7 am in Washington DC on the same day. The 12-hour margin makes all the difference. This is a simple indication of how your time and that of nature are two different things. There could be no other reason why you should not step ahead at the moment but wait a little bit longer until the doors and gates of the universe are opened for you.

Align your time with that of the universe and you will be free from common disappointments that other people face when they want to step ahead. Consider the example of a parent. Would you allow your young son/daughter to go out to play at 2 am? Of course not. You will hold them inside the house until it’s daytime then permit them to play outside. Mother universe is always looking out for us as we do with our children.

These three factors majorly affect when the doors and gates of the universe will be opened for you. Their opening signifies that it’s time buddy! Step ahead now!

What’s next after stepping ahead?

Your stepping ahead will rub some people the wrong way. You cannot lack a few people who will have no reason to want to see you remain stuck in one place for as long as possible. It is a battle that you have launched and you must be ready to follow it up to the end. The good news is that the universe shall never abandon you.

You have done well to consult the universe before taking that bold step to step ahead (pun intended).

Nature says, “My child, do not be afraid.”

When you step ahead with the blessings of the universe, your place at the table of success is guaranteed because you followed ‘due process’.

Do you know what they say about times and seasons?

There is an appointed time and season for everything under the sun.”

Step ahead at the appointed time.

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