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Why Minimalist Living is Good to Manifest Your Dreams

Looking for a great manifestation hack to turn your desires into reality? 

Start with less. You really don’t need more stuff. And jamming your life with unnecessary activities isn’t helpful either. 

You see, the introduction of minimalist living came as a surprise to many. At first, people felt it was ineffective. Like something straight out of a fiction novel. 

The common question across everyone’s mind at the time was, “will this work long term?”

Today, folks like me now adopt this clutter – free approach to life. We’ve found out there’s so much to gain when you focus on what matters.

But what’s even better, is how the law of attraction, and a minimalist lifestyle blend nicely together.

Like milk and water you’ll notice a major shift in your life once you combine them.

That’s why we’re about to explore how living with a lot less attracts more into your world.

Why is minimalism important in manifestation?

Your space matters a lot.

I’m willing to bet a chunk of your desires fail to materialize due to space problems.

While the law of attraction aims to get rid of junk in your mental space, minimalism takes care of the physical one.

Think of the last time you worked into a messy room. Felt a little bit comfortable right? 

Most of the stuff you’ve got are probably distractions. And in many ways, they cloud your thinking. Making it hard to stay focused or get the desires you want.

Our outside, and inside world are reflections of each other.

And when you think about it…Who enters a messy house without questioning the mental state of the owner?

How minimalism affects manifesting

There’s no denying that what we keep around us impacts our mood. That’s why vision boards are so popular.

Minimalism gives you an opportunity to zone in on what’s important. With less stuff around, you create room for things that truly matter.

Soon, you feel a sense of relief that comes from letting go. No more crowded walkways. No more extra stuff that brings zero fulfilment to you.

The beauty of minimalism is felt once your mind gets clear as a result of getting rid of unwanted stuff. And a clear mind lifts your mood – which in turn, raises your vibration.

And nothing attracts all those goodies from the universe like high vibrations.

I like to tell people “Less is more” goes beyond just a fancy mantra. It’s a way of life. And it opens up room for your desires to flow in. 

How to apply minimalism for effective manifestation

At its core, minimalism maximizes your manifestation efforts.

It’s no secret that we’d all need a little boost in our lives. Especially when it comes to attracting our deepest desires

That’s where your very own minimalist lifestyle shines through. But how? What’s the best way to reap the benefits from becoming a minimalist?

There are two easy steps I’ve found to bring out the minimalist inside you:

Step 1: Adopt a minimalist mindset for manifestation.

You probably know the usefulness of mindset shifts.

The bigger they are, the more rewarding they tend to be. 

Ask yourself “how would a minimalist approach my current situation?” – especially if their goal is to manifest more of what they want.

This question serves as a guide to adopting a winning minimalist lifestyle. Why? Because a true minimalist will look to remove the stuff that doesn’t matter.

You know the ones I’m referring to. That extra bag you bought for no reason. Your friend liked it so you felt like getting one. It also includes that couch, purse or anything that holds little to no meaning in your life 

In the end, your mindset boils down to finding stuff you really care about.

Step 2: Create your list.

A chaotic environment will ruin any chances of you manifesting desires.

There’s no denying this. To avoid that, it’s crucial to come up with a list of 4-5 things you really need.

With this, you’ll be able to focus on what’s truly important. This is a great opportunity for some self-reflection. I know, it sounds a little cliche.

But we could all need a little moment of soul searching on what truly matters.

Everything that makes it on your list should be something that resonates with you.

Once you start, you’ll find out that most materialistic things are irrelevant. Don’t kick yourself too hard though. Piling up things we don’t is something we all struggle with.

What’s important is that you highlight the stuff that lights you up.

Benefits of minimalism in manifesting your desires.

I don’t know about you but I want to see progress in what I do. 

And in my journey through the terrains of manifestation, getting rid of junk in my life has proven more beneficial than most.

So, I figured I share with you some benefits I’ve come to love. Over time, the impact of these benefits will compound. 

And could mean the difference between feeling stuck, and watching your desires unfold.

So are you ready?

Less stress means higher vibrations.

Getting rid of unwanted stuff feels like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

Finally you don’t have to worry about the ninety different pairs of shoes. Your hallway isn’t littered with piles of clothes that should have been gone yesterday.

You can finally breathe the fresh air of clarity. Your mind is relaxed. And your mood gets brighter.

These are key moments you experience once you start to declutter. Better moods means higher vibrations. Your energy levels are higher. And the universe is loving every bit of it.

If you’ve found yourself feeling depressed or moody, consider freeing up more space at home. 

There’s no way your desires can manifest when you feel cranky all the time. 

More space boosts your focus.

Distractions, hate ’em or really hate ’em – they never seem to go away.

It’s even more difficult when your home is crowded with stuff you don’t need. 

The law of attraction requires your focus. And your focus largely depends on how well you can zoom out of your surroundings. This allows you to channel your energy efficiently. 

Ever wondered why most meditation rooms are made up of so much space? Because a free environment is essential for a free mind.

When different things battle for your attention, it’s hard to focus on what matters. 

That’s why carving out enough room for your desires to circulate is crucial.

Each day I’m reminded of the importance of minimalism. Coming from a busy day at work to a well organized room is refreshing.

It fills me with so much happiness and clarity. The kind I’d love for you to experience. 

Because let’s face it, nothing gets down when your mind is all over the place.

And a great way to stay focused is to get rid of all that junk.


It’s useful to look at manifestation through the lens of minimalism.

If it’s your first time on this “less is more” path, I hope the benefits speak to you. And if you’re an old timer, my goal is to help you find some encouragement.

With that said, learn to say no to what you don’t need. And yes to stuff that truly matters to you

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