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Why Should I Listen to the Universe?

man looking in the Universe

To listen or not to listen?

Listening to nature and the universe is one of the best choices you will ever make. It existed even before you came into being. In all wisdom, there are matters that you have no idea how to go about but thank goodness! Nature has been there for all eternity. You will not be lost.

Some would think that nature does not communicate. Well, it does in so many ways. Once you know how to intercept its communication, bingo! You have hit the jackpot.

Listen don’t hear.

There must be a reason why we have two ears and one mouth. That we may listen more and talk less. Of course, communication involves both listening and speaking. But the emphasis is put on listening more because we have a lot to listen to from the universe.

When you choose to hear, there are certain things that you will not understand well. The emphasis will shift from understanding what nature is telling you to other things of lesser importance. Nothing can be as important as listening to the universe.

Here is why you should listen to the universe:


  1.  Listening is the first point of learning.

There is plenty to learn from nature. We cannot exhaust everything. We can, however, try as much as possible to learn a lot from it. When you choose to listen, you would have donated your time to learn.

Nature has a lot of knowledge to pass to you if only you are willing to learn. Talk of astronomy, dieting, history, treatment (indigenous medicine), and many more. There is nobody who is as unstoppable as a knowledgeable person. You will be empowered to become a problem solver in your own space.

There is also much that you can do with knowledge from the universe. You can understand how to take care of your health by monitoring your diet to feed only on natural foods. Not only will you be healthy but you will be more productive in whatever you do.

  1.  The universe is the only honest friend.

There are friends and there is a best friend. Nature is the only true and honest best friend you can have. This is not to undermine your friends at all. They are great people and you have your reasons for choosing them. However, they are also like you – you both suffer the same dilemma.

The best thing you can do is to unite and together befriend nature. You will have a healthy friendship of three! When you are stressed out over things beyond your control, turn to nature. Go for that walk to clear your mind. You can meditate deeply about the far that you have come so far.

Time spent away from your human friends and away from the crazy work life will do you some good. A little bit of withdrawal is good for you.

One thing you will thank nature for is how it will leave your mind fresh with some new energy. Consider it as some sort of charging where you get your energy levels refilled to ‘full’ capacity.

  1.  The universe will help you maximize your potential.

Potential is energy at rest. All of us have the potential to be better people. You can make good use of your potential. What has been missing all along is someone to show you exactly how to do it. You have now found him – nature.

Unlike friends who can be jealous of your potential when fully used, the universe has no such hidden agenda. The sole aim is to make you successful so that you may also be useful to the whole ecosystem. This is something that most friends do not understand – when one succeeds, the whole ecosystem benefits.

You can be an asset and not a liability when you listen to the universe from now henceforth. Your connection with nature will make you discover what you are good at and that will be your starting point. It is difficult to feel this when you are constantly out of touch with the universe because of your ‘busy’ schedule.

Take time to go for a nature walk, attend to your animals or poultry at the farm, or even do some tree planting. Unplug from your normal schedule and nature shall reward you for it.

  1.  The universe will help you overcome your fear.

Hey there. You are not the only one who is fearful about several things. Almost everyone is. There is only one point that makes all the difference – how you overcome this fear.

Communicate with the Universe

What best way is there to beat this fear if not to team up with the universe?

There are things that everybody will not understand and no matter how much they try to lift the burden on your shoulders, their hands are equally tied. Nature does not ‘suffer’ as everybody else does.

It can see clearly that is the point where you need help and shall surely come to your rescue. All you have to do is to listen to what the universe is telling you – do not succumb to your fear.

Nature will give you the confidence to stand on your feet because it will not judge you – something most people are afraid of. This confidence is what you need to overcome your fears. You become unstoppable when you become self-confident.

  1.  The universe will lead you to your soulmate.

This is a dream come true only if you listen to what the universe is telling you – my child, good things take time.

The question of whether there is someone good enough for you should no longer disturb you. Consider it like a physics practical and you are presented with magnets. It indiscriminately attracts metals regardless of shape or size. The bare minimum is that it has to be a metal.

Similarly, listening to the universe will lead you to connect with the right people. This will put an end to all your worries about what is next for you as far as your partner is concerned.

Are you convinced that you should listen to the universe? Successful people will tell you to listen to it because they have seen the magic it worked in their lives. The listen to your inner self and action on your desires language indirectly tells you to listen to the universe. I trust you to make the right choice. 

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