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Why You Should Choose the Universe to be Your Priest

A priest is an ordained minister who can perform spiritual rites. Among the many roles of a priest is to link the physical and spiritual realms. While they live amongst us, priests hardly focus on the present life. They remind us about the afterlife and how we can secure a place for ourselves in the Kingdom to come. They are fearless, incorruptible, courageous, and morally upright men and women. Priests inspire hope where there is none without expecting anything in return. Their selflessness is a perfect example of how the universe can lead you as your priest. 

The life of a true minister. 

A priest is faithful to his calling. He is not interested in material gain or to be in favor of people. Part of his job description is speaking the truth without blinking an eye. The life of a true minister is dedicated to others. His greatest joy is when one sinner repents. There are many priests in the world. They are shepherds and we are the flock. The flock knows the voice of their shepherd and obeys his instructions. The universe has given you the freedom to choose your priest who will be your shepherd to guide you through the valleys, plains, and mountains. They have a spiritual obligation to be a good shepherd and to be an obedient flock. There are many reasons why you should choose the universe to be your priest. These are some of them that you should consider: 

1. He has seen the light. 

A good priest has seen the light himself. He has a personal experience of his encounter with the light. This makes him suitable to guide you to the light. Nature operates around this principle. It has appointed the universe to be the priest of all creation. The largest source of natural light, the sun, is hosted by the universe. Other planets, including Earth, revolve around it. This symbolizes the leadership ability of the universe because it has seen the light. At the beginning of creation, the world was empty and dark.

However, since the universe is the priest, light shone in the world. This is the same light (the sun) that the universe saw and hosted before creation but could not introduce to the world because it was not Earth’s priest. All other creation came after light was created and until now, the Earth is habitable. Light will shine in your life when you choose the universe to be your priest.  

2. He has the passion to serve. 

A true priest has a burning desire to serve his people. There is no promise of profit in serving as a priest. This is the last concern of a true priest. His hope lies in the faith that he will be rewarded someday with the honor of seeing the success of everyone he serves. Consider how the universe serves nature as its priest. It takes care of nature’s creation by leading them to find their purpose. This is the right priest for you – one who leads you to discover your purpose and ultimately fulfill it. The universe is this type of priest. He convicts your spirit to do the right thing through service. Serving nature through conservation efforts and sowing the seed of love attracts divine blessings. Follow the example of your priest and serve the world. 

3. He has good listening skills

A good priest listens to his people. He creates time to listen to them because he is genuinely concerned about their welfare. He is a good shepherd who spends time with his flock. He is also the first one to know when any of them falls sick because he is closer to them. The same is true when you choose the universe to be your priest. You will have a healthy relationship with him because he always listens to you. You will feel important from the way your priest (the universe) takes excellent care of your spirit. Someone who listens to you puts you as a priority throughout. As your priest, the universe will intercede for your spirit even when you are in a crisis. You will receive renewed energy to stand tall and face what comes to you head-on.  

4. He dares to speak the truth

The truth is a powerful indicator of good character. Priests are supposed to lead by example and be truth ambassadors. Their lives are desirable and enviable by many people. The truth will stand up for you when you stand with it. The universe is courageous to speak the truth in nature. Among the truths that are a reality is the interdependence in nature. A good priest does not speak the truth to only save his soul but because it is the right thing to do. Consider the truth of interdependence in nature manifesting through relationships.

The universe has demonstrated this through the relationship between the planets and the sun in the solar system. The truth is that they all need each other and the universe has managed to maintain the solar system to continue working as it always has. When you choose the universe to be your priest, he will speak the truth in your life. He will make you be at peace with realities you would want to wish away. As your priest, the universe will impact your character positively. 

5. He is innocent

A priest should be blameless and innocent. Some things should not be associated with him because they will impair his character. Among the thousand reasons why you should choose the universe to be your priest is his innocence. The universe only has a record of the good things it has done in nature. He is an ambassador of love, promotes peace, and accommodates diversity. As an innocent priest, the universe will lead you to walk in his ways and you will be innocent too. Your bad history is irrelevant because the universe will write it off and lead you through a life of forgiveness and repentance.  

You need the universe to be the priest in your life. It will mark the beginning of a new chapter. Exit the old, enter the new.

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