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Why Your Spirit Needs the Universe’s Stationery and How to Use Them

Stationery is a general term for writing materials and office supplies. It includes paper, pens, files, envelopes, erasers, pencils, and sharpeners just to mention a few. Stationery is useful in executing office duties and in teaching and learning activities in schools. As it is currently, stationery is at the center of world business. Nothing goes on without it. 

The role of stationery extends even to your spirit. It needs the right stationery items to execute its mandate. Your spiritual life dims when your spirit does not have the right items of the Universe’s stationery. This is tragic and should not come close to happening. In light of this knowledge, you can restock and use your spiritual stationery appropriately. The first step is knowing the roles of the Universe’s stationery in your spirit and how you can use them. Here are some of them: 

1. Writing. 

Examples of stationery items used for writing are pens, pencils, mark pens, highlighters, books, and charts. They are used for writing, sketching, or painting. During the early years of learning, a child is taught how to hold a pen and pencil to draw sketches or shapes. Enough practice makes him an expert who can hold his pen himself to write and draw beautifully.  

Your spirit needs the Universe’s writing stationery items to write in your life. This is prayer. A prayerful spirit can write anything it wishes. You only write what your mind has processed. The Universe is encouraging you to embrace prayer and write your heart’s desires to manifestation. 

2. Organization. 

This is another role of stationery. Office stationery like trays, files, and folders are important in organizing office work. They are used to store and neatly arrange documents in cabinets according to their appropriate classification. This makes it easier to later retrieve any document that you want. 

Your spirit needs the Universe’s organization stationery to put your life in order. It tidies up your life and makes it attractive for other people to come into it, just as birds perch on trees with beautiful flowers. This is how doors open for you to meet destiny helpers. The Universe’s organization stationery is spiritual calmness. It opens your eyes to new things about your spirit daily.  

3. Record keeping. 

Stationery is useful in keeping records safe. Spreadsheets and accounting ledgers keep important information like sales, the amount owed to suppliers, and customer’s debts. This is important information in the management of the business. This increases the importance of stationery used for this purpose. They are indispensable.  

Your life is like a business that should be carefully managed to realize profits. Your spirit needs to use the Universe’s record-keeping stationery to maintain correct records. This stationery is character. The Universe wants you to guard your character against corruption. Do not succumb to the pressure of bad friendships. Instead, form deliberate relationships with people who will build your character, not ruin it. 

4. Memory. 

Stationery helps improve memory retention ability. It happens through the effort to read, understand, and remember important information in written materials. Your mind strives to take on as much information as possible because you never know where you will need it. A good memory can be monetized when you successfully apply your knowledge correctly. 

The Universe’s stationery of mindfulness improves your spiritual memory. It helps you to master your area of specialty. There is no limit to the kind of person you will become when you use the Universe’s stationery of mindfulness. This involves an accurate focus on your ordained calling and mastering the necessary skills to execute it. Your spirit needs it.  

5. Creativity. 

Stationery inspires creativity through what you read and write. The mind goes wild thinking of how to execute ordinary thoughts. Reading and writing energize the brain to think beyond borders. You imagine flying to Canada when you read about its super cold winters or flying to Kenya when you read about its beautiful wildlife. One thing leads to another and your mind conceives more creative ideas thereafter. The genesis of all this was through what you read. 

The Universe’s stationery of creativity is self-awareness. The more creative you are, the more you express yourself better. You increasingly become aware of your environment and your role in it. Nature confers you with the status of VIP because of your self-awareness. 

6. Productivity. 

Good stationery improves your productivity and work efficiency. You can rely on a quality pen not to fail you when taking important notes, your eraser to rub mistakes you make, and your sharpener to sharpen your pencil when blunt. Good stationery is very reliable and worthy of all your trust. In exchange, it is instrumental in producing your best quality work.  

Your spirit needs such reliable stationery from the Universe to improve your spiritual productivity. This stationery is trust. You need to earn the Universe’s trust to maximize your productivity. Nature will support you on both sunny and rainy days. Your commitment to the Universe earns you its trust which increases your productivity.  

7. Environmental consciousness. 

This is the ability to be fully aware of your environment. Unlike self-awareness which is primarily centered on you, environmental consciousness first considers nature’s state. Stationery has the power to be environmentally conscious because most of it comes from nature. Paper (and by extension all books) and pencils come from trees. They have a connection with nature first before anything else. Stationery items that are products of nature cannot hurt their source. This makes them environmentally conscious.  

Your spirit needs such stationery from the Universe. They are a reminder of conservation and the concept of preserving the source. The universe’s stationery of environmental consciousness is purity. It keeps you from contaminating your spirit. The universe wants you to maintain purity and keep off corruption, bad company, or gossip. Spiritual purity will give you a long life full of happiness. 

Just as stationery is useful in schools and offices, so is the universe’s stationery useful to your spirit. Learn how to use it and embrace it fully since this is your future.

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