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Writing Your Name in Nature’s Wall of Fame


Most people are looking for fame. They have their reasons why they want to be famous. It must feel very nice when you are famous for good reasons. Your reputation increases and people will have a good testimony about you. How many famous people do you know? Celebrated journalists, musicians, actors, professionals, presidents, and renowned business people are some of the most famous people in the world. Who does not know Bill Gates, Elon Musk, or King Charles III? They are famous people because of the things that they have done. They are celebrated daily and are an inspiration to many people in the world. You surely would not mind if the world celebrated you too, right? The universe is giving you a chance to also build your name and climb the ladder to fame. You can write your name on nature’s wall of fame.

Nature’s wall of fame is where your reputation is written with permanent ink. Your contribution to Nature will be remembered forever. To begin with, connect your spirit to nature. Live in the present and be in touch with your immediate environment. Take long walks to appreciate the delicate creation in nature, the wisdom in the wild, the effort of the birds, and the unity of nature. They are an eye-opener to a lot of things in your life. It is the little things in life that become big eventually.

Nature’s wall of fame

The first lesson you learn from nature is that it did not take a lot for creation to write its name on nature’s wall of fame. Birds did not have to fly to space for their name to be written on the wall of fame. Neither did the fish have to walk on land for their name to be written on nature’s wall of fame. Birds continue to fly as they did from creation and fish have been in the oceans and rivers since the world came into being. You also do not have to do anything out of the ordinary to be recognized. Follow the footsteps of those whose names are already on nature’s wall of fame. Here are a few things to do if you want to write your name on nature’s wall of fame:

  1. Create.

The original plan of the universe is that you become a co-creator with the universe. Everything you see around you was created from nothing. In the beginning, the world was an empty shell. It was meaningless and unattractive. You would not think twice about living inside it. However, the world is now the complete opposite of how it looked in the beginning during creation. It is full of life and you do not think of ever relocating elsewhere (probably into space or to another planet). You can write your name on the wall of fame if you become a creator like the universe. Use your mind to think of new ideas. Innovation, arts, and science are some of the under-explored fields. Your mind is the magic pen you need to write your name on nature’s wall of fame.


  1. Manage.

Management is ensuring good use of the existing creation. The best managers can finally have their names on nature’s wall of fame. The universe appreciates managers because they are responsible for all creation. Nothing fails under their care. Good managers can turn around the fortunes of a project. They add value to it and become indispensable. You can be a good manager if you take charge of your life well. Your name will be on nature’s wall of fame when you manage your time, talents, and resources efficiently. Another point of interest for the universe is how you manage your relationships. There is no one fix-it-all method and you have to manage all your relationships independently. Well-managed relationships (both family and business ones) are a mark of a good manager. Both the world and the universe will notice you.

  1. Improve.

Improvement is to build on already existing infrastructure. ‘There is always room for improvement’ should be your new slogan as you seek to write your name on nature’s wall of fame. A good project can be made better and the better one made the best. The universe wants you to constantly improve on existing habits in nature. The more you improve the order of things, the more your spirit also improves. You begin to see things in a new light and this improves your understanding of different issues. Consider the schools that award the most improved students on merit. They focus on how much they have improved from the last assessment to the present one. This student could be in the last position in the last exam but still win the award of the most improved student because they have traveled an improvement journey that other students have not traveled. When you influence change from an old culture to a new one, the universe will write your name on nature’s wall of fame.

  1. Reconstruct.

Reconstruction is slightly different from improvement. When you reconstruct, you maintain the original architecture of the subject. It is building again something that was built before. There are towns along the East African coast that were entry ports for traders many centuries ago. They have been preserved and there are no new buildings or roads because both the government and locals want to preserve the place as a historic site. However, due to natural factors, these towns and buildings are at risk of collapsing. The government steps in to reconstruct and fortify them and they remain as they were. This is how the universe wants you to reconstruct your bad habits so that they become good and at the same time you do not lose your original design from creation. This delicate balance is what will make you successfully write your name on nature’s wall of fame.

Writing your name on nature’s wall of fame is a lifetime achievement. Many generations to come will read of your heroism and idolize you. You will leave a permanent mark of the perfect example to be emulated.

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