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Writing Your Success Story


As fate would have it, life has its twists and turns. The good and the bad are on different sides of the same coin. Sometimes the universe answers our prayers to the last one and thereafter punishes us for our wrong choices. A lot transpires as you write your success story. You may feel like giving up and relocating to another planet. It could feel as if the whole world has abandoned you. But the universe wants you to know it is not true.

You continue to remain nature’s favorite child.  

Success and glory are earned. It is a careful balancing act for you to quickly move from grass to grace. There is no shame in humble beginnings, the grass stage. It is merely a starting point and you can move up the ranks to finally dine with royalty. The universe itself began humbly. The earth was without form, void, and filled with darkness. It had nothing yet here we are in the twenty-first century a very modern world nobody could have dreamt of. You can speak to someone across the globe at the touch of a button. The same had been impossible at the beginning.

The world is now a global village and the glory of the world shines brighter now more than ever. This is the grace stage. If this is the journey that the world has traveled so far, it will without a doubt support your rise from grass to grace. 

The universe is offering to mentor you. He wants you to walk in his footsteps so that you may one day be the giant you have always wanted to become. This is his advice for you: 

Speak the word – let there be light. 

Deep darkness often covers humble beginnings. It is the darkness of ignorance when you do not know how or where to start from. This same darkness covered the whole world and nothing could happen. A mere lamp cannot remove this darkness because what will happen when you run out of fuel? You need a permanent light to shine on your world. You have the power to command that there should be light.  

darkness of ignorance

You can have permanent light to shine on your path when you seek knowledge. It is light to your spirit. When you are knowledgeable, ignorance has no place in your life. You end up guessing your way around when you cannot see clearly in the dark.

God forbid, you may even fall into a ditch!

The light of knowledge enables you to make informed choices in the course of your life. Child, the journey from grass to grace requires you to speak the word – let there be light. 

Separate business from pleasure. 

Business and pleasure do not mix, they will eventually separate. History has judged harshly those who mix business with pleasure because one finally gives way to the other. Every natural act is intentional and part of the universe’s plan. At creation, the sky was separated from the ground by a firmament. The two could not stay together because there could be no room for the development of the remaining part of creation. Separation of business and pleasure helps you to focus on one thing at a time. You cannot afford to have a divided focus and leave a trail of incomplete projects.

Writing your success story is a divine responsibility that does not want you to share your time with lesser goals. Everything else plays second fiddle. 

Separate black and white. 

There are no grey areas when it comes to your journey from grass to grace. Everything is either black or white. Calling out things as they are is part of writing your success story.

Creation could not continue before dry land is separated from water bodies. It gave way to further creation and we have the world as we see it today. It is difficult to make some choices if you do not see things for what they truly are indeed.

Although this could leave you a loner because most people shun the truth, it is a painful part of writing your success story. It will wean you off the hypocritical company and leave you free to pursue your goal – moving to grace. 

Feed on pastures of good habits. 

Good habits are cultivated over time. Doing the right thing requires a lot of discipline. The more you sacrifice your pleasures to do the right thing, the more you become perfect at it. Over time, you will be perfect at doing good. Whatever you feed grows and what you starve dies.

Starve your bad habits and they will naturally die. On the other hand, good habits need to feed on good pasture. They will grow and replace your bad habits. The smallest things that you are likely to ignore contribute a lot to making you successful.

Consider how rain is formed. Small clouds come together and when they are heavy with rain, it pours. A single light cloud cannot form rain alone. It is blown by the wind until it finds other clouds. Similarly. bad habits continue to pin you on the grass stage but many good habits overpower the bad to unpin you from there and pin you to the grace stage. 

Good habits

Create life. 

The grace stage is a place of life. It is a contrast from the grass stage where there is none. Nature is giving you a chance to create life through intentional habits. Have a healthy routine that adds value to your life as you pursue your dreams. This is the life that the universe is searching for in your life.

When the universe acknowledges your creation of life, it blesses you and gives you the power to multiply all that you have. 

The universe has handed you the power to be a co-creator. You can create a life of honor by intentionally writing your success story. Child, turn on the switch in your life.

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