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Your Soulmate & the Spiritual Connection

Who is a soul mate?

A soulmate is someone with whom you share deep feelings of concern. It goes beyond normal friendship and as the name suggests, two souls are intertwined into one. Soul ties are not normal friendships that are quickly made at the bus station or the market.

It takes quite some time to develop and once established, it cannot be simply washed away. You have to make many choices in life and that of a soul mate is among the greatest ones.

Yet sometimes, this decision is not ours to make. We kind of find ourselves with someone with whom we connect so deeply that we cannot remember how it even started. Let me tell you how it happened – the universe intervened!

The unknown blessing.

There are things that we do for ourselves and others that are done for us. The best part is when the one acting on our behalf has our best interest at heart. The blessing that is your soul mate is sometimes chosen for you albeit subconsciously. You meet a stranger on your first day somewhere and you instantly hit it off. Your friendship slowly begins and before long, your lifestyles are in sync.

It is not as if you were in a desperate search for a friend but somehow the universe paired you with them. This is a blessing that you will come to appreciate with time because of how invaluable they are.

The making of a spiritual connection.

Everything begins in the spirit before it manifests in the physical. Before you even have a soul tie relationship with someone, something was cooking in the spirit. Understandably, we sometimes do not know whether someone is our soul mate. Several indications could point out that they are. Here are a few:

  1. They know what you want before you even say it.

Have you ever met someone who amazed you at how well they knew you? They could be your soul mate! A soul mate is someone with whom you connect and can even know what is best for you. When you are unsure about which job offer to take or which house to settle in, your soul mate already knows the answer before you do.

Do not expect them to be magicians who will work wonders in your life. They will not. What sets them apart from other people is how well they know exactly how you want something. Often, if you are of the opposite gender, you are most likely to end up falling in love with each other because you find that they complete you.

  1. You are at peace with each other.

There is nobody who gives you peace as your soul mate does. You run from the chaotic world into their presence because of the calmness they attract into your life. If you already have someone in mind with this effect on you, then bingo!

You found your soul mate. It is not something that you can fake or imitate. This person in your life is the one you rush to see to escape the busy unforgiving world. This is because your spirits have become best friends already. What follows suit is the manifestation of the same and here it is – a supernatural calmness in their presence.

  1. You own their success as they do yours.

There is this person who will naturally be happy for you. They are not jealous of your success and do not see it as a threat. Instead, they want to celebrate your victories with you. Your success is theirs as well. This is an indication that s(he) is your soul mate.

The opposite can also happen when you find yourself happy for the success of this other person. You are overjoyed as if it were you and develop an unexplainable sense of owning this success. Open your eyes and see the writing on the wall. The universe is pointing out to you your soulmate.

  1. You feel their pain as they do yours.

One thing is clear about a soul tie spiritual connection – it is as if you are in one body. You can feel the pain that your soul mate is going through. Do not be scared, it is not as if you will experience all the bad things they experience. However, your mind and emotions will be with them. You always tend to put yourself in their shoes and want to give every solution to their problems.

If you feel this way towards someone, then the long search is over – voilà your soul mate! You cannot avoid this responsibility because the spiritual connection is made and the universe oversees it. There is surely no shortcut.

  1. Both of you have a strong sense of like-mindedness.

Another indication of a soulmate is how both of you seem to think alike. Soul mates are more like twins. They think alike, desire the same things, have common plans, and have many more things in common. It is not every day that you bump into someone with such a level of like-mindedness. It is a predetermined match for you.

The universe considered it wise to pair you up with someone whom you will get along with excellently. They were then brought to you by a series of events. Do not assume that it is your horoscopes that have collided because there are no accidents in the universe – those happening are perfectly planned and executed.

  1. You stomach their weaknesses and shortcomings.

For some strange reason, if you find yourself accommodating things that you were previously against, you could have found your soul mate! You always find a reason to excuse their behavior because there is nothing wrong with it. You see yourself in them as if you were standing in front of a mirror.

It is difficult to criticize yourself and the same extends to them. Even when other people see something wrong in them, they remain angels in your eyes. It could be that you are falling in love but also you could have found your soul mate.

Identifying your soul mate is not easy. Some people deliberately search for theirs and are unsuccessful. While to others, the universe is gracious to bring them closer to their soulmates. Enjoy the spiritual connection with your soul mate and make the best out of it.   

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